Terms & Conditions at Removalsquad.co.uk


Our regulations delineate the rights, duties, and responsibilities of parties to the agreement between Removalsquad and the customer. "You" or "your" refers to the customer, while "we," "us," or "our" denotes Removalsquad.co.uk. Confirming the reservation with Removalsquad implies agreement with the following terms, subject to changes by prior written agreement.

Our Valuation:

Our prices exclude customs duties, ferries, toll roads, inspections, or any other fees and taxes payable to government bodies. Adjusted charges may apply based on circumstances not considered during confirmation, including changes in expenses related to pickup and delivery, van size, additional helpers, ordered hours, distance between addresses, flooring, and unforeseen obstacles.

Work Not Included in the Quotation:

Unless agreed to in writing, we will not handle furniture dismantling & assembling, equipment disconnection/reconnection, floor covering tasks, loft items (unless well-lit access is available), or storage of excluded items.


Goods are insured up to £10,000 if an Inventory List is provided. Extra insurance is the customer's responsibility.

Our Responsibility:

Our responsibility is to deliver your goods from the "moving from address" to the "moving to address" in the same condition as when packed. All goods are insured up to £10,000, with a £250.00 deductible per claim. Extra insurance is the customer's responsibility. Goods are protected by our insurer if prepared by the Removalsquad team as per the Transport List provided.

Your Responsibility:

Your responsibilities include declaring the value of goods, safeguarding valuables, obtaining necessary documents, ensuring property access, being present or represented during collection/delivery, preventing items left behind/taken by mistake, protecting unattended property, preparing equipment, defrosting fridges, and providing correct delivery information.

Goods Which Cannot Be Transported:

Items such as prohibited or stolen goods, perishables, animals, and items requiring special licenses cannot be transported without prior written agreement. It is the customer's responsibility to declare and handle such goods appropriately.

Ownership of Goods:

By entering this agreement, you affirm ownership of transported goods, obtaining necessary permissions. You agree to pay for damages or costs resulting from false ownership claims.


Payment is due before starting work, and refusal to pay may result in goods being stored at the customer's cost. Storage costs are not subject to valuation and must be settled promptly.

Damage to Premises or Other Property:

Our liability for damage to premises or property, other than goods, is limited to damages to the affected area. We won't be held responsible for damage due to explicit customer instructions against advice.

Exclusions of Liability:

We're not liable for certain losses or damages, including those caused by war, acts of God, indirect or consequential loss, normal wear and tear, perishable goods, pre-existing defects, or items not professionally packed by us.

Deadline Claims:

Claims for visible loss, damage, or failure to produce goods must be reported at delivery. After work completion, we don't accept responsibility for damages unless reported before the Removalsquad team leaves.

Delays in Transit:

We aim for timely arrival but won't be liable for delays due to circumstances beyond our control.

Our Right to Subcontract Work:

We reserve the right to subcontract, with these conditions applying to subcontracted work.

Staff Abuse:

Verbal or threatening behavior won't be tolerated. If the driver leaves due to abuse, the customer is still liable for payment.

Postponement or Cancellation:

Cancellation within 48 hours incurs a fee. We reserve the right to cancel or change dates and times.

Congestion & Toll Charges:

Extra charges apply for London Congestion Charge, other congestion charge zones, tolls, or ferry charges, unless stated otherwise.

These terms are governed by UK law, and the customer agrees to the exclusive jurisdiction of UK courts.



For coverage by our insurer, it is essential that the Removalsquad.co.uk team handles the preparation and packing of items described in the Inventory list provided by our customers.

1. Our Responsibility

1.1 Our commitment is to deliver your goods from the "moving from address" to the "moving to address" in the same condition as when packed or made ready for transportation. All goods are insured in the van for up to £10,000, with no liability for the first £250.00 per claim. The customer is responsible for arranging additional insurance if required.

1.2 If we pack the goods, we are responsible for ensuring their delivery without damage. In the event of failure, subject to clauses 7, 8, and 10, compensation will be provided, unless due to negligence or breach of contract.

1.3 Our liability is not applicable unless loss or damage results from negligence or breach of contract, as outlined in clauses 2.2, 3.2, and 5.2.

1.4 In the absence of a declaration of the value of goods or acceptance of standard liability, we are not liable unless the failure is due to negligence or breach of contract.

1.5 The determination of our liability amount follows applicable regulations.

2. Your Responsibility

2.1 You are responsible for:

- Declaring the value of goods in writing, with a reduction in our liability if the determined value is lower.

- Keeping valuables such as jewelry and money with you during the move.

- Obtaining necessary documents, permits, and authorizations for the move.

- Being present or represented during collection and delivery.

- Ensuring nothing is left behind or taken away by mistake.

- Safeguarding property left unattended.

- Preparing and securing all equipment and electronic devices.

- Defrosting and emptying fridges before shipping.

- Providing the correct delivery address.

2.2 Ensure your phone is on and stay in contact with the driver during transport. We are not liable for losses due to the failure to discharge these responsibilities.

3. Goods Which Cannot Be Transported

3.1 Items falling into certain categories cannot be transported unless agreed upon in writing by Removalsquad.co.uk. It is your responsibility to ensure goods falling into these categories are not transported without proper consent.

4. Exclusions of Liability

4.1 We are not liable for loss or damage due to fire or explosion unless caused by negligence or breach of contract.

4.2 For certain items, we will not be held liable unless there is negligence or breach of contract.

4.3 Our liability is excluded in various circumstances, including war, acts of God, and indirect or consequential loss.

4.4 Employees are not individually responsible, and our liability ceases after delivery.

Customer Responsibility:

- Arrange additional insurance if needed.

- Report all claims at the time of occurrence.

- Claims will not be accepted after payment and the departure of the Removalsquad.co.uk team.